X-rays determine where the spine is in relationship to the normal spinal models. Without an X-ray, proper treatment cannot be determined. Properly taken x-rays are like a blueprint of your spine. With X-rays, we can see how an individual spine deviates from normal alignment and allows us to decide on the appropriate treatment. The proper, individualized course of treatment can only be developed once Dr. Coleman has reviewed your X-rays. Dr. Coleman will review your X-rays with you and explain the differences between normal and abnormal alignment. At ChiroSolutions Center, we are not afraid to show you your X-rays, and we tell you if we can make a change back towards normal.

An example, arthritis is another important potential discovery with properly taken X-rays. Arthritis is not a normal process of aging, but abnormal stress on bones and discs from poor posture can cause degeneration. Some people might not realize this degeneration is taking place and can be a painful “time bomb” if not addressed properly.